Obstacles to Technology Changes

Posted by | August 03, 2015 |

When the time comes to enhance the technology in a professional firm, obstacles frequently arise. Obstacles often faced include resistance to the financial and time investments required to make the changes needed while continuing to grow the business. Another common barrier is convincing everyone in the firm of the necessity to embrace technological enhancements.

Interestingly the financial investment made in technology changes or enhancements actually pays off in the long term in satisfaction from both clients and staff alike. Once new technology is implemented and staff members have been trained in its use, they are pleased that their time is utilized more efficiently and their clients are served more effectively. From the clients’ perspective, the accounting staff is now able to give them the expertise they desire and they are able to better communicate via cloud and mobile technology with your firm.

The time invested is also returned quickly in the short term. Your staff are no longer spending long hours with data entry, manual transactions, recording keeping and reporting, but is instead available to analyse trends for clients and offer business and strategic planning alternatives to help them grow their own businesses successfully.

Possibly the most difficult obstacle to overcome is convincing the firm of the need for change. If you are your business, then the decision is yours alone; but if you have partners and staff, the need for technology changes may be less apparent to some of those involved in the decision making process. Ultimately, some firms chose to implement changes slowly, while others decide to make a complete overhaul all at once. Whichever your firm chooses, you’ll ultimately find your ability to specialize and customize your accounting services to the needs of your clients is the ultimate result. In addition, you’ll find new clients embracing your firm’s tech-savvy approach, your staff’s productivity on the rise and your accounting firm growing successfully as a result of positive technology changes.