Have it built your way. Engage our team of solutions architects and engineers to design infrastructure solutions that are guaranteed to work as intended.

Writing the user test plan early in the design process gives the customer more visibility into what we’re proposing, and greater control over the project outcome.

No two businesses and no two computer networks are the same. Our consultants start all of our infrastructure design projects by gaining an understanding of your business and what you are looking to achieve.

Design Approach

We take a consultative approach to solution design, starting by describing the outcome you are looking for and working backwards to determine the technology required to get there.

Working on growth and profitability

Delivering Value

A key component to successful infrastructure design is examining how expenditure is balanced across your infrastructure.

Our expertise spans the complete spectrum of infrastructure, from datacentre to desktop to licensing, allowing us to take a “big picture” approach.

Our consultants are experts in problem root cause analysis, using advanced software to determine exactly what needs to be fixed

We normally recommend infrastructure that’s been designed to be modular and scalable, making it easier to limit your costs until the need is proven.

If you can start small and easily scale-up later that’s generally a more prudent approach than potentially over-investing in a system you may never fully use.

Design Expertise

Sumix has a range of certified and experienced consultants and solutions architects. Our history in in maintaining a broad range of customers throughout Australia helps us ensure the solutions we design are relevant, reliable and represent outstanding value. Our core expertise covers the full spectrum of IT infrastructure and most major vendor products.

Sumix is ideally placed to provide project design advice for your next project. Contact us today to arrange an obligation free discussion about your needs and what we can do to assist.