Top Three Technology Priorities

Posted by | September 10, 2015 |
Top Three Technology Priorities

As an accountant, your love affair with technology is likely somewhat fickle. Just when you embrace the latest technology, it changes, leaving you challenged to keep up with the latest innovation to better serve your clients.

A recent survey performed by Xero Trends of accounting firms found the top three technology priorities to be in these areas. Interestingly over one-third of accounting firms feel they need to make technology changes within the next year.

Making their firms user-friendly for both their accounting team and their clients. Firms understand the importance of mobile devices and cloud computing for integrating technology into the firm as well as in increased offerings for their clients. Technology today is pervasive and will become even more so as technology continues to evolve. By offering the latest technologies in the office with cloud applications, exceptional communications and data analysis, firms can work more effectively and efficiently with one another and with their clients.

Using Technology Improvements to reduce fixed costs in their firms. As accounting firms consider potential technological improvements, they must also consider how this automation will reduce costs by improving data gathering techniques. This, then, allows the firm’s accounting professionals to utilize their time more efficiently (thus reducing costs) analysing client data and delivering sound financial advice as they serve clients better.

Desiring clients to view their firm as tech-savvy. As accounting firms gain greater access to the latest technology they acquire enhanced business and data analysis tools to harness for their clients. By offering cloud-based applications and mobile technologies, delivering sound advice and relevant data analysis, firms earn the reputation with clients as tech-savvy and tech-friendly professionals. In today’s merging of virtual and real world relationships, a tech-savvy reputation will go far in attracting new clients, building a positive brand image and future success.